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Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's ZOHO Workplace Campaign


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency launched an ambitious outdoor advertising campaign for ZOHO Workplace in April and May 2023. The campaign targeted high-traffic urban locations in Bangalore, with a focus on maximizing brand visibility and impact.


The agency strategically selected four key sites for billboard placements: Kadubeesanahalli, St. John's Junction, Hebbal Flyover, and Neeladri Road. These locations were chosen for their high visibility and the potential to reach the desired target audience effectively.


Billboards of various sizes and types (non-lit and front-lit) were used, tailored to suit the specific characteristics of each location. The campaign Started from April 20, 2023, and ended on May 31, 2023, showcased the campaign's duration and presence across these strategic points.


This meticulously executed campaign led to enhanced visibility for ZOHO Workplace. By leveraging diverse billboard sizes and lighting in high-traffic areas, Elyts Agency successfully amplified ZOHO's brand presence in a competitive urban market.


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's ZOHO Workplace campaign exemplifies the effective use of outdoor advertising in an urban setting. The careful selection of sites, combined with the tailored approach to billboard specifications, demonstrates the agency's prowess in creating impactful advertising strategies that resonate with urban audiences.

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