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Swiggy Instamart

Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's Swiggy Instamart Campaign


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency undertook a dynamic advertising campaign for Swiggy Instamart in March 2023. The campaign focused on deploying billboards across Bangalore to boost brand awareness and visibility.


The agency meticulously selected 15 sites across Bangalore, each chosen for its high traffic and visibility. The mix of lit and non-lit billboards was designed to ensure round-the-clock visibility and impact.


The campaign used a variety of billboard sizes, tailored to each location's characteristics. The campaign started from March 17, 2023, document the initial phase of the campaign, showcasing the agency's commitment to timely execution.


Elyts Agency's strategic placement of billboards significantly increased Swiggy Instamart's visibility in key areas, contributing to the brand's market presence in a highly competitive environment.


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's Swiggy Instamart campaign is a prime example of effective outdoor advertising. The selection of diverse billboard types and strategic locations underlines the agency’s expertise in crafting impactful advertising strategies tailored to urban settings.

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