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Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's Fortis Healthcare Campaign


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency executed a widespread outdoor advertising campaign for Fortis Healthcare in December 2023. The campaign was spread across several key locations in Bangalore, including Bidadi, Ramnagara, and Channapatna.


The agency strategically selected prominent and high-traffic locations for billboard placements. These sites were chosen for their potential to maximize exposure and engage a diverse audience.


The campaign used large, non-lit billboards, each prominently displayed in its respective location. The campaign started from December 1, 2023, document the billboards' presence and their initial impact in these areas.


This strategic placement led to increased visibility for Fortis Healthcare, enhancing its brand presence in the targeted areas. The campaign effectively reached and engaged the intended audience, contributing to the healthcare brand's marketing objectives


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's campaign for Fortis Healthcare demonstrates the power of strategic outdoor advertising. By selecting key locations and implementing impactful billboard designs, the agency successfully amplified Fortis Healthcare's visibility in important urban areas, showcasing its expertise in creating effective outdoor advertising strategies.

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