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Ryan International Academy

Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's Comprehensive Campaign for Ryan International Academy


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency spearheaded a multi-faceted advertising campaign for Ryan International Academy, utilizing bus shelters and bus back panels across various locations in Bangalore. This campaign, conducted in early 2023, targeted strategic points like Kammanahalli, Horamavu, and along Kanakpura Road.


The agency's strategy was to capitalize on the high visibility and footfall in these areas, making the most of urban transit advertising spaces. The campaign aimed to reach parents and students, the primary audience for Ryan International Academy.


  • Kammanahalli Bus Shelter (Mar 30, 2023): A prominently placed advertisement at a busy bus shelter.
  • Horamavu Bus Shelter (Feb 15, 2023): Leveraging another high-traffic location with a creative display.
  • Kanakpura Road Bus Back Panels (Feb 6, 2023): Using bus back panels for mobile advertising, reaching a wider commuting audience.


This approach ensured continuous exposure to a diverse audience, effectively increasing the academy's visibility. The campaign's presence in multiple, high-traffic urban areas contributed significantly to brand awareness and recall.


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's innovative use of transit advertising spaces for Ryan International Academy highlights their expertise in maximizing reach and impact in urban settings. The strategic placement of ads in both stationary and mobile formats underlined the agency's creative and tactical approach, successfully enhancing the academy's presence in the local community.

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