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Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's Nagarjuna Degree College Campaign


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency launched an extensive outdoor advertising campaign for Nagarjuna Degree College in December 2023. The campaign aimed at increasing the college's visibility in Bangalore.


The agency selected prominent locations like Doddaballapura Main Road and Yelahanka NES Bus stop for high visibility and impact. The choice of locations was based on their high commuter traffic and relevance to the target demographic of college students.


The campaign utilized both large, back-lit billboards and bus stop advertisements. These mediums ensured continuous exposure to a diverse audience, with an emphasis on attracting potential students.


This strategic approach effectively increased awareness of Nagarjuna Degree College among the target audience. The diverse advertising mediums used contributed to a broad reach and impactful brand presence in key urban areas.


Elyts Advertising and Branding Agency's campaign for Nagarjuna Degree College highlights the effectiveness of targeted outdoor advertising in reaching key demographics. The careful selection of advertising locations and types significantly contributed to increasing the college's visibility and appeal to prospective students in the Bangalore area.

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