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Amar Ujala
Amar Ujala
Digital Branding
App store rating 4.1
BID Type Managed
Categories News
Language Hindi
Medium App and Website
Monthly users 64.7M
Pages per visit 2.82
Pricing model CPC, CPM, Fixed

Get noticed with Amar Ujala – a popular Hindi news platform spanning North India, perfect for Hindi speakers. The Amar Ujala Website covers it all: national news, regional updates, entertainment, sports, and lifestyle, offering trustworthy news to build your credibility and connect with a broad audience effectively.

Step into the digital world of Amar Ujala – a major branch of Amar Ujala Hindi Newspaper, owned by Amar Ujala Limited. Advertise on the Amar Ujala Website to access a massive audience of 64,714,545 monthly users, delivering both national and international news through various digital channels. Don't miss out on the chance to reach a wider audience – place your ad on the Amar Ujala Website now!

Amar Ujala Advertisement is your affordable way to connect with more people, reaching consumers at every stage. This innovative approach showcases your brand, products, or services unlike traditional advertising. With a whopping 64,714,545 active monthly users, Amar Ujala Advertisement can effectively target a large-scale audience. It's the perfect opportunity for businesses of all sizes and budgets to promote their offerings. In today's tech-driven world, there's no better time to invest in Amar Ujala advertisement. Don't wait – place your Amar Ujala Advertisement today!

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