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Active Times - Mumbai - English Newspaper
Active Times - Mumbai - English Newspaper
Newspaper Branding
CATEGORIES General Interest

Active Times Mumbai, boasting a circulation of approximately 42,000, stands as one of Mumbai's foremost English newspapers. Within the realm of General Interest, it holds a revered position. Recognized for its extensive reach, Active Times Mumbai emerges as a preferred choice for newspaper advertising across diverse industries, courtesy of its competitive advertising rates.

The merits of advertising within the pages of Active Times Mumbai are manifold:

1. Unveiling Remarkable Readership: Active Times stands tall as a literary beacon, drawing a substantial readership in Mumbai. Placing advertisements within its pages promises exposure to a vast array of newspaper enthusiasts.

2. Embracing Versatility: Covering an eclectic array of news and articles, Active Times Mumbai caters to a diverse readership. Advertisements strategically positioned within its folds tap into an audience with varied interests.

3. Fostering Trust: As a revered name in Mumbai's media landscape, Active Times evokes trust and credibility. Opting for advertising in Active Times Mumbai is a powerful way for advertisers to forge connections built on reliability and integrity.

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