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360° Cinema
360° Cinema
Bringing Your Movie to the Limelight!
Elyts 360° Cinema is the ultimate destination for comprehensive cinematic promotions, offering a 360-degree approach to elevate your film's visibility and success.
What does it cover?
Seamlessly Integrating all promotion Verticals to Amplify Your Movie's Presence and Impact!

Elyts 360° Cinema Promotion

What does it cover?
Seamlessly Integrating all promotion Verticals to Amplify Your Movie's Presence and Impact!

Digital Promotion

“Zeros and One” The Tiny Titans plays vital role in Millions and Trillions!

We cover all aspects of digital promotion, ensuring your film reaches its target audience on various online platforms, from YouTube and Instagram to X (formerly Twitter), BookMyShow, IMDb, and exclusive cine channel partners.


Creating a Tubular Connection between Movies and Audiences

Sharing Movie Content on YouTube: Lighting the Path to Every Movie Lover's Palm, Influencing General Audiences with Electric Vibes!

Min 1 Million


Reels Rolling on Thumbs

Joining Forces with Influencers: Cine Memes Take Center Stage in Movie Promotion on Instagram!

Min 3 Million

X (formerly Twitter)

Tweet Your Way to the Box Office

Where Intellectual Minds Discuss and Movies Shine Bright, Making it the Ultimate Platform for Movie Promotions!

Book my show | IMDb

Powerhouses that Captivate Hearts and Minds

Your Essential Partners in Captivating Audiences. Where Ratings and Reviews Steal the Spotlight, Elevating Movie Promotion to New Heights!

Cine Channel Partners

Where Followers Become Fans

Behindwoods, Galatta, Indiaglitz, and more - Gathering Movie Audiences as Followers, Providing a Single Window to Multiple Doorsteps.

Min 3 Million

Outdoor Media

From Sky to Streets, Cinematic Brilliance Everywhere

Expand Your Cinematic Reach with Elyts, where we elevate your silver screen promotion to match the grandeur of the big screen.

Min 4 Million
Mall Facade
Digital Pods

Theatre Promotion

Teaser, Trailer on the Big Screen

To promote a movie as a pan-India sensation, multiplex screens hold paramount importance as they unite the cinema community under one roof.

Min 3 Million
Teaser & Trailer Screening in Movie Theatres
Digital Pods & Poster Display in Movie Theatres
Channel Partner: PVR Pan India & Individual Screens

Mainline Media

Heritage Holds Value!

Elyts ensures your cinematic tale reaches every corner. Tradition marketing gives extra mileage, proving that classic methods are timeless.

3.Min 5 Million
Impressions Per City
Radio Promotion
Cable Tv Promotion
Newspaper Promotion

Retail Promotion

Savor Cinematic Moments, Bite by Bite

Elyts brings your film to the retail world, captivating walking crowds in high-traffic areas where people enjoy food and shopping.

Food Joints Digital Display
Purchase Points Digital Display
How do we do?
We believe in Seven Shades - Elevating Your Movie to Sky High


Innovate with intention, Impact with significance

We're embarking on a mission to transform the landscape of cinema promotion with our value-driven methodology. By focusing on impactful engagement with audiences, we craft experiences that resonate long after the credits roll. Leveraging our diverse expertise and expansive network, we empower movies to secure a cherished spot in people's hearts.


Crafting Plans for Seamless Execution

We're dedicated to revolutionizing the process of movie promotion. Through our value-centric approach, we prioritize meaningful engagement with audiences, filmmakers, and industry stakeholders. With our comprehensive expertise and collaborative network, we streamline the promotion process, ensuring every movie earns its rightful place in the spotlight.


Tweet Your Way to the Box Office

We're committed to reshaping the movie experience. By delivering captivating narratives that speak directly to viewers, we ensure every film leaves an indelible mark. With our dedicated focus on audience engagement and satisfaction, we pave the way for unforgettable cinematic journeys.


Delve Deep, Reach High!

We're dedicated to revolutionizing the movie industry through our insightful approach. By delving deep into audience preferences and trends, we craft promotions that resonate profoundly. With our diverse expertise and strategic network, we empower movies to capture valuable insights and forge lasting connections with viewers.


The Power of Originality

We're committed to transforming the movie promotion landscape with our innovative ideas. By pushing the boundaries of creativity, we develop campaigns that captivate and inspire audiences. With our extensive expertise and imaginative network, we empower movies to stand out with truly original concepts.


Where Brilliance Meets Creativity

We're committed to transforming the movie promotion landscape with our Elytian Touch. By infusing our unique blend of creativity and innovation, we curate promotional strategies that leave an indelible mark. With our expansive expertise and personalized approach, we ensure movies receive the distinctive touch they need to captivate audiences and stand out in the crowd.

Why 360° cinema?
Beyond Limits, Beyond Boundaries
Elyts 360° Cinema is not just an Advertising agency, we are a software agency, and we are the creative agency.
Advertising Agency
We are the perfect fusion of traditional advertising experience and modern-day digital promotion expertise.
Over a decade of experience | 700+ successful ad campaigns across India | In-house digital advertising experts.
Software Agency
As a software agency, we offer an extra edge in maintaining cinema portals, including websites, Movie iOS and Android Apps, a robust polling system, and secure cloud storage, etc., ensuring seamless operation and enhanced user experience.
Creative Agency
We believe promotion content is the heart that brings a movie alive. Entrust us with your viral reach, as we are a creative agency dedicated to amplifying your film's impact.
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